About Us

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Aristotle said: "character is revealed through action." We understand that our words hold little value as compared to the way that we act. That's why we commit to the finished product and not to promises of a finished product. 

Customers can know who we are not by the lettering on our vehicles, the logos on our shirts, or by the way that we speak, but by the way that we perform - uncompromising to the best possible installation. 



It's more than just our name - it's our mission. At LEC, we wish to leave the world a better place than when we found it. By investing in our workforce, our customers, our communities, and in the future generation, we aim to leave a legacy of hope.


Our community, citizens, and country are worth investing in. They're worth the hard fight - so come join us in our fight for a better tomorrow. 


We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured - for your peace of mind. We aren't your average contractor. We work hard to earn your trust - so there is never a doubt in your mind that you've hired the best. 

Our licensing is more than a piece of paper - it's proof that years of education and determination have come into fruition - to say that the electrician on your doorstep is eminently qualified to serve you.